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Texas Ranger Association Foundation


Luciana and Robert Duvall have helped to raise millions of dollars for organizations serving many American families. Among them is the Texas Rangers Association Foundation which also supports scholarship funding. Thanks to the hard work of the Texas Rangers and Luciana and Robert's participation they raised $600K during the 2011 gala.


“Our Ranger heritage is a large an iconic as our great State. There have been movies made about the Texas Rangers and many actors have attempted to portray us, but none have ever portrayed us better than Robert Duvall (Captain Augustus McCrae) in the great western epic known as “Lonesome Dove”. This year’s Gala was a success solely b...ecause of his generosity and compassion for the Texas Rangers. We are happy to report that our Gala, which supports scholarship funding, raised over $600,000.00. The Texas Rangers are forever indebted to two of the most wonderful people in the film industry today, Robert and Luciana Duvall” (Hank Whitman, Assistant Chief of the Texas Rangers).


For event highlights and more information on this wonderful organization, please visit the Texas Rangers Association Foundation.

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